Electronic Design and Firmware Development

Looking for a reliable, innovative solution for a complex electronic product? With 30+ years of electronics engineering and firmware development experience, Moulin & Associates brings next-level expertise to your most complicated projects.

What We Do

Moulin & Associates specializes in electronic engineering, providing custom hardware design, firmware development, M2M/IoT development, and transition to manufacturing.

Electronic Engineering Services 

Electronics Hardware Design

Firmware Development

M2M/IoT Development

Transition to Manufacturing

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Why Choose Us?

Technology Expertise

Moulin & Associates applies 30+ years of electronics and firmware expertise to create innovative solutions for commercial, agricultural, automotive, and industrial products. Having dedicated ourselves to a lifelong pursuit of electronic engineering, our depth of technical knowledge is well-suited for diverse projects across multiple industries.

Profitable Designs

Efficiently designed electronics improve profit margins and allow businesses to stand out from their competition.

With cost optimization in mind, we engineer products to maximize productivity, throughput, and scalability — all factors that directly impact a company’s bottom line.


At Moulin & Associates, we bring a whatever-it-takes attitude to every project and strive to deliver solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

We think you’ll appreciate our approach: thoughtful engineering and nimble problem-solving that bring your project to life.

Clear Communication

Complex electronic projects often involve technical concepts that can be challenging for non-engineers to grasp. Throughout the engineering process, we are clear and straightforward when communicating with your team, making even the most complicated details easy to understand.

Extended Life Designs

Organizations require their electronics to be built to high standards of reliability and durability. We specialize in providing robust, stable engineering solutions that maximize uptime, generate less e-waste, and are forward-compatible as technology evolves.

FCC/CE Compliant Designs

We are experienced in designing to FCC and CE specificiations (IEC 60950, 61010, 60601 Electrical Compliance, UL, CSA, etc.). We offer guidance regarding these regulations, and, when needed, we serve as a facilitator between a company and regulatory bodies.